No Mice Productions

Video - Music - Audio Production Services

to Pitch to Proposal to Planning to Pre-Production to Shooting to Post Production to Mastering, Finishing and Distribution...YOUR Production will be handled as if it were our own, with every effort made to pay attention to all the details that turn "just media" into art.

No Mice Productions is a One-Stop Production facility that can step into any media project to either create it start to finish, or come in at a point where the project may need help and get it back on track. From Event Video to Independent project is too small or too large.

We offer the following services either in-house or through our partners who are active at all levels of the Entertainment Industry...


1. Planning the Project
2. Writing the Project
3. Budgeting the Project
4. Pre-Production Services
            A. Auditions and Casting
            B. Location Scouting
            C. Hiring the Crew
5. Shooting the Project - Any and all formats
            A. Directing and Producing Services
            B. Second Unit
            C. Location Sound
            D. Lighting and Grip
            E. Cinematography
6. Post Production
            A. Editing
                        1. Avid, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Vegas
            B. Audio Post
            C. ADR/Looping
            D. Scoring
            E. Music Editing
            F. Music Supervision
            G. Color Correction
            H. Mastering
             I. DVD Authoring
7. Finishing
            A. Create Appropriate Packaging
            B. Graphic Artwork & Design
            C. Make the Project Ready to Sell
8. Distribution - We will put your finished project into the hands                             of both U.S. and International distributors.


Contact: Richard Berger - tel 323-874-8232 cel 323-868-5385 email
                 No Mice Productions is located in Hollywood, California